With the recent hail storm we have been super busy! 178 claims and counting and only 6 of those were damaged steel guttering! Here are a few of the reasons we believe you need to invest in steel gutters:

  • Steel is stronger! The tensile strength of 26 gage steel is 55,000 psi. Aluminum’s tensile strength is 22,000 psi.
  • Steel is more resistive to damage from hail, ice and snow. Freezing water expands 9%. The strength of steel makes it resistive to damage from freezing water.
  • We don’t use subs. We pay all payroll taxes, and other benefits for our employees. This allows C&V to attract better quality employees and gives us control over the quality of their work on your home.
  • We provide a 1 year no-leak warranty. You can’t test gutters until it rains. We will go back as many times as is needed until the leaks are fixed.
  • Steel expands at half the rate of aluminum which make is less likely to pull away at the corners. Fewer leaks down the road.
  • We can order gutter material factory painted in virtually any custom color.
    Lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty against fade, chalk, rust and peeling.
  • We use box miters, not those narrow strip miters, which provide a better fit and finish at the corners and results in fewer leaks down the road.
  • We are fully insured ($1 million liability) and provide work comp for all employees. This reduces the potential liability risk to home owners.
  • When aluminum contacts the drip edge, fascia, fasteners and other steel material, galvanic corrosion can occur to both materials. When using steel on steel, we eliminate galvanic corrosion.
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