• Is C&V Kansas Doors led certified?
    We take the safety of your family seriously! C&V Kansas Doors is a certified Lead Safe firm. All homes built before 1978 are assumed to have lead paint and are subject to lead safe laws. By complying with EPA and KDHE Lead Safe Work Practices, your family is protected. Lead Safe Work Practices…it’s not just the law, it’s also the right thing to do!  
  • How do I make a perfect construction/renovation plan?

    Planning is key!  Whether you contract with an architect and want to design your project yourself, we are here to help.  With an Interior Designer (Lori Vaughn) on staff as well as digital visualizer software, we can navigate you through the options.  Visualizer software allows us to take a photo of your home and overlay different styles of siding, windows, doors, garage doors, etc.  We offer this service at no charge!

  • How do we ensure safe construction/renovation of your house?

    We maintain licensure, required by local codes, liability insurance, and worker compensation insurance.  Other companies that use subs cannot guarantee this.  Here’s a real example to consider.  Several years ago, one of our employees fell and had numbing in is heal.  The volunteer EMS team made the call to life-watch him to Wichita, fearing a back injury.  Fortunately, he only suffered a bruised heel.  He was immediately released and was literally waiting to go home when his wife arrived. Had we been using subs that didn’t have work comp insurance, our customer would have been responsible for paying the $40,000 for the helicopter ride.  Additionally, all of our installers are Lead-Safe Certified and we follow the state required Lead Safe Work Practices.  One of our installer, Jack Willenberg, is certified to test a home for the presence of lead paint.  We take this seriously!

  • How do I report a complaint?

    Simple…call the office at 800-848-2086 and ask for Jarad Allen (residential projects) or Matt Hoisington (commercial projects).  You may also email your concerns to jarad@cvhiPROS.com (residential) or matt@cvhiPROS.com (commercial).  Additionally, at the conclusion of the project, we typically send you a survey to complete.  This survey covers everything from the sales experience to professionalism of the installers to performance of the project.  For larger projects, the sales rep will conduct a walk-through at the conclusion of the project.  Any customer may request this walk-through no matter how small the job was.

  • There is a lot of dust/debris coming off a renovation site into a public area – who do I need to contact to get it sorted out?

    Again, any concerns be directly report to Jarad or Matt (see above).

  • How should a contractor ensure that no mud or construction debris gets into the house?

    There are several options to consider.  In many cases, during window and door replacement, we will set up a “zip wall” around the opening.  This quarantines all dust and debris to the opening area.  For pre-1978 homes, this is required for Lead Safe Work Practices.  We also lay down blankets and tarps as needed.

  • Demolition or construction work is being done next door to me and it feels like my house is about to fall down what can I do about this?

    If our crews are working next door, please call Matt or Jarad.  If it is another contractor, I’d recommend calling the companies office or the city inspector to report your concerns.

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